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Receive Everything Receive Everything With Emily Tepper liberation through self love

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Custom Designed Rituals

The Cornerstone of all our offerings is Emily's 3 step formula to Custom Designed Rituals to help you receive health, light, wealth, love, and truth.

Join our tribe and receive the signature meditation iReceive, the video Anatomy of a Ritual, and free eBook Ritual 101

iReceive Meditation Series

These meditations are the gateway and pre-game to get ready to receive. They give you the full recipe so you can have the formula and blueprint of being receptive. Learn to maneuver the fullness of your feelings in a way where you gain clarity, power, and become receptive.

  • - activate your intuition
  • - become more present
  • - start living in your body as your creative instrument
  • - learn the basic altar design

Receptivity Goddess Group

This Group meets live once a month at our two locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The fee includes materials for altar and ritual design. This group is for anyone who wants to join the new paradigm of honoring feminine energy, regardless of your gender or sexual identity.

  • - Develop real tools to use your Emotional Intelligence
  • -Learn to trust your feelings while being seen and heard
  • -learn about power dynamics and how they effect receptivity
  • -Stop Chasing and Start Having
  • -Decode your intuition & receive all the info you need to make good decisions
  • -Create Safe space so your truest identity can emerge
  • -overcome feeling invisible or afraid of yourself
  • -Learn the art of altar design, and the art of Ritual Design

28 Days to your feminine future

(Coming Soon)

  • - Stop Self Destructing, Start Creating with your feminine energy
  • - Stop Pressuring yourself with outdated conversations about what feminine is and an identity that doesn’t fit you
  • - Learn to Channel the Future of Feminine
  • - Get Confident and literate in Emotional Intelligence
  • - Live as a Mystic now, as a commitment, not a hobby.

Receive Body Work

Just dipping your toe in for the first time? If you are here in New York, we have an amazing Intuitive Pilates Instructor, Arielle Bendory. Come for A la Carte Sessions in Pilates Work outs, and Cranio Sacral Massage Therapy

work with me
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