Emily's 3-pronged system integrates pilates, craniosacral therapy, and custom designed rituals for

total body wellness.

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THE FLOW SESSION is a radical reimagining of what exercise can be. Designed by Emily to leave you feeling sinuous, energized, and open to receive all that you desire, each two hour session combines pilates, craniosacral massage therapy, elements of NLP hypnosis and the power of the customized ritual for total body intelligence and higher vibrational alignment. This highly coveted process is in person and only open to 11 clients at a time. 

3 STEP CUSTOM DESIGNED RITUALS Like a fine tuning fork, Customized Rituals tune your resonance and vibration to achieve what you want most in life. Rituals are experiences that allow you to experience yourself, your desires, and the world. By focusing your desires and converting them into embodied, somatic experiences and memories through the ancient feminine technology of the customized ritual, you can accelerate your ability to conjure and create what you want and cultivate the capacity to RECEIVE it. Result: When you can feel it, you can have it. Get out of your own way. If your vision boarding is not enough, this is for you! Claim the Art and Science of Receiving through Custom Ritual Design. This 3 step, month-long lifestyle transformation tool can be used for career growth, health, loss of personal power, weightloss, and any challenging life changes. Open to 5 clients at a time, sessions are conducted remotely via phone, video conference, and in person.

Watch this video interview with Emily on how rituals can work for you!


  • Pilates

For beginners to the pilates body sculpting experience or for those who want to build upon their skills, the A La Carte Session allows you to experience the strengthening, energizing, and releasing power of the technique. Pilates is an extensive library of exercises that optimizes your strength, tone, and flexibility. Benefits include: Weight loss, Injury rehabilitation, the end of all the aches and pains you walk around with, looking fabulous naked, feeling awesome, increased energy and vitality, longer leaner muscle, increased flexibility, increased focus and mental acuity.

  • Craniosacral Massage Therapy

Relieves deeply held tension from the Craniosacral System. It resolves deeply stored tension from past trauma still being held in your body. Benefits include; an increased immune system, honing your body’s natural ability to heal, draining toxins from the lymphatic system, relaxation, overall increased sense of wellness and vitality, increased energy, and nervous system regulation.

  • Create Your Own Hour
Whether you desire a Custom Ritual session before your pilates experience, Craniosacral Massage Therapy to release excess tension after pilates, or a combination of all three, Emily offers a create-your-own-hour option for clients who are familiar with her unique approach to total body wellness. 

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